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Dr. James Keppler

Sacramento Chiropractor | James Keppler DCAs Sacramento’s most trusted chiropractor, Dr. James Keppler has helped thousands regain their health and vitality through advanced chiropractic care.

Spinal misalignment can cause more than just pain and discomfort. It can lead to overall health degeneration and organ dysfunction.

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Chiropractic BioPhysics

Corrective Care Sacramento Chiropractor | James Keppler, DCChiropractic BioPhysics® is the most advanced, scientific, and proven chiropractic technique which corrects and restores your spine back to alignment.

Through CBP we are able alleviate pain and restore normal nerve flow to your limbs and organs – creating optimal wellness and vitality

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We are often the last stop for patients seeking permanent relief from pain, or those seeking to live life to the fullest through natural means. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.


Nothing will change unless you take the first step.

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Sacramento Chiropractic:
Dr. James Keppler

Dr. James Keppler has provided the greater Sacramento area with excellent chiropractic care for over 40 years. As a second generation chiropractor, the doctor and his staff focus on the natural process of healing your body. We take pride in helping you feel better without any medications or surgical procedures.

Dr. Keppler’s treatment is based on an extensive evaluation of the cause of pain and loss of normal function. Dr. Keppler has mastered the chiropractic techniques which are based on a very impressive amount of research. Using state of the art techniques, he determines the correct diagnosis and helps each patient return to optimum health.

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